17 February 2010

New Bit

Last night I rode Cruizer in a Myler eggbutt bit with a little roller in the middle and very slight port. He seemed to like it, so I'm going to keep riding him in that for awhile. We mostly worked on trot stuff. I did a lot of work on leg yielding and moving his shoulders and hips around. Mostly sitting trot with some posting, two point, and a little canter. I also did some work without irons, which I haven't been able to do this winter because he is usually so unpredictable. He was really quiet again, and didn't really care about the tons of horses in the arena or acting up of some of the others. This week has been a nice change from his typical behavior! I think one thing I am going to try doing is making our first canter each direction a bit more free. I want to try just letting him stretch out a bit and not ask for much in terms of headset, and I'll ride it in two point. Then go back to trot or walk and when we canter again make it a "serious" canter. I'm thinking he might be happier if we do this and more willing to settle into a good canter after he gets a few minutes to play a little bit. I will either ride him tonight or lunge him in side reins. I'm not sure which yet..


  1. keep my updated on that myler. I have my little guy in an egg butt now, but acquired a myler D-ring with a port, so I'm wondering how effective it really is and in which situations. BTW-- your horse? gorgeous!!

  2. me* not my... sorry, its bed time for me apparently!