14 February 2010

Short Ride

I had a terrible ride on Gunner today. (worst ride we've ever had).
Then when I got on Cruizer finally I didn't really feel like riding anymore. He was super quiet though. I trotted and cantered him around a couple times and then called it quits. The whole ride lasted maybe twenty minutes. He was unbelievably quiet.. weird. His gaits were good, although he was pretty lazy again. We did some showmanship afterwards to make up for the short ride. He was quite good considering we never practice lol. He stuck his pivots (on the correct foot even) and was setting up decently. Setting up has always been the hardest part of showmanship for him. He naturally always stands in awkward poses, so it makes sense that he doesn't like to stand square. I might ride him tomorrow but he will probably get the day off, and our riding will pick up again on Monday.

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