10 March 2010

Haven't updated in awhile. I haven't been able to ride consistently because of my back (ughh) so Cruizer of course, has been a little sub-par. He's been decent but pretty spooky... at all the dumb things he's seen half a million times. He's also being cranky about picking up the canter, mostly on the lunge line. I lunged him in side reins the other day and he wouldn't pick up the right lead. I swear I had to re-ask at least 10 times before he picked up the correct (right) lead. When he finally did take it he did so with ears back and tail wringing. He has never done this. At state he refused to pick up the left lead in the ring, and that was at the time where he was sore and stiff all the time. He's never done this on the right lead. Hmm.. I'm thinking he might be a bit sore, since he's been running around like an idiot outside and playing really hard all day long. I don't know where he gets the energy from. Anyway, he doesn't look or feel off. He feels/looks a tiny bit downhill to me again. He's getting really heavy in the shoulder and having trouble lifting it. I wonder how tall he is now. My guess is about 16.3 1/2 hands. I don't think he's going to hit 17 hands (although I would be happy if he did...). I'm really excited about show season starting. I can't wait to haul him out and see how he does. I want to haul out and trail ride too. I need to find a new bit. I have a clinic on Sunday, so I need to find a bit he likes. I'm raiding Colette's basement for some new bits tomorrow, and will try them all out on him. I don't want anything with a roller, because he plays with it WAY too much. He can't do that in the show ring. I'm riding him tonight and will update later.

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