08 May 2010

Yesterday I did not ride. Wasn't feeling well. On Thursday I rode both Tulpe and Cruizer. Tulpe was pretty good, I rode in the outdoor though and I much prefer riding her in the indoor. She didn't want to pick up the right canter, but eventually did. I love that mare. Cruizer was good. He handled the heavy traffic very well. He was a bit spunky but didn't act on it (good decision making Cruizer). His canter was good, actually more of a lope than canter, which is fine because we're working a lot on speed control right now. Last night I signed up for my fair classes, and decided to just enter everything. I doubt we'll end up doing the western pleasure or western horsemanship (hahah), but who knows. If he's good why not? I signed up for all the hunt seat classes, both showmanship, trail (also probably won't do) and two fun classes (egg & spoon and water race). Obviously if he's not mentally ready for all that I won't push it, but if he is then it will be good for him (& me) to just have some fun. Wednesday when I rode him he was a complete jackass. Charging at the canter & trot, refusing to turn, refusing to transition down, etc. I rode in the english bridle but switched to the western to school him. He still wasn't good because he was pissed off already but he was better. He's been nailing all of his turns on the forehand still. I need to practice some showmanship. and pivots under saddle. and side passing. I am hoping to ride him again today.

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