08 July 2010

I know, I know. I haven't updated in forever. I've really had nooo time whatsoever. Since I last updated I graduated high school (FINALLY), signed up for college classes, schooled Cruizer at a horse show, and worked up to 40 hours a week between both jobs. Cruizer has been a superstar for the most part. One of the worst rides I've had on him was the schooling ride at the show, which I have video of that I will post. He was okay but more energetic than I would have liked, and more distracted. Oh well. We have a show this weekend, which I am REALLY excited for. I also had the County rep out to do a saddle fitting on Cruizer, and ordered a custom County Stabilizer for Cruizer & I. Its my dream saddle. I test rode a horse in one and loved it. I loved it even more on Cruizer. So I ended up ordering one and thus signing my soul over to my parents for the next year while I pay them back for it. (THANK YOU MOM & DAD). 

Cruizer has been making huge amounts of progress. We even rode western pleasure a few times and he proved that he CAN make his western pleasure daddy & siblings proud and slow down like he's 15 hands. I still prefer him as a hunter though. :) But its good for him to switch gears once in awhile.We have also been making some mini trail rides down the driveway and around the property, which he loves. He's been very quiet and confident. Last weekend we had a barn sleepover at the farm, and of course we had to RIDE. So I hopped on Cruizer bareback with a halter and lead rope and rode him around. Played for awhile and went fast and stuff, which he loved (was trying to buck and race the other horses) and then after that I brought him back down to normal speed with a headset and he was good. He has an awesome mind.

My younger sister also rode him last week, and cantered him for the first time. She loved it. 

He has gotten really good at simple lead changes. 

I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL I DON'T HAVE TO RIDE IN THE BIG WESTERN SADDLE ANYMORE! It seriously puts me in a perpetual chairseat. The seat is way too big for me. 

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  1. i love the picture to the left < with your mortar board and Cruizer! SO cute!