20 December 2010

In response to everyone's questions about the last post, I have gotten some nasty comments/hate mail from this blog and in real life about me being an "evil quarter horse person."

Not much to report on the equine front. I went out to see Cruizer today but didn't ride. When I went to get him from the pasture he limped all the way back to the gate, so I wasn't sure what he woud look like in the barn. I draped his lead rope over his neck, told him to whoa, cleaned out his feet, took his blanket off, then put him in the arena. Holy crap. I didn't even need a whip. I just stood in the middle and watched him play Hi Ho Silver and gallop around me for fifteen minutes. Complete with bucking, snorting, jumping, rearing, passage trotting, and doing arab impersonations. He was completely sound through all of it.

I guess his feet are just sensitive on the frozen ground still, plus he's been very careful about stepping on the ice. He is not grateful whatsoever in the pasture.

The damaged hoof from where the toe clips on his shoes were is falling off. He was sore because of it for a couple days but after some Farrier's Fix Oil he was all better. I didn't want to tempt fate by riding him today. After all that running and then lunging on the line he wasn't even breathing hard and his eyes were still bulging out of his head. Maybe we will ride tomorow.

Today Cruizer had orange starburst candy cane, spree candy cane, and red starburst candy cane.

He also got his stocking hung up on his stall. :)


  1. Haha, I love it when they do that and I'm on the ground. Horses are just so darn athletic.

    Sorry you're getting negative feedback for things you aren't even doing. That is ridiculous.

  2. Sheesh..why dont some horse people ever learn to shut their traps?!? Just ignore and enjoy your babies as you are doing. YUM on the candy canes! Was that before the bucking brigade or after?

  3. Glad your boy was sound in the arena. I too suspect the ice and hard frozen ground were just too much for his feet. (Little worry here as I did try my Tucker--a Thoroughbred--barefoot last winter and it took us well over a month to get him sound again from what was probably bruising. So just be careful and keep an eye on your guy.)

    You've got some good, supportive people here on your blog, so listen to us and not the cyberbullies out there. They don't know enough to be worth listening to.

    Yum...candy canes. I can just picture the expression of sheer joy on Cruizer's face as he ate them! *LOL*