04 January 2011

Well, I ended up at the hospital yesterday because with time the pain in my neck and back has gotten worse, not better, and on Friday my back started going numb to the touch. So off to the hospital we went. When I got there, they put me in a neck brace and strapped me to a backboard pretty much right away and whisked me off to the ER. A couple hours and CT scans later and they decided I did not have a neck injury (which is what they feared) but have a ton of swelling around my spine and neck. So I now have an anti-inflammatory so hopefully the swelling goes down and I have less pain and more sensation on my back.

FYI, why the back is such an issue, I had a full spinal fusion done when I was 15 (due to scoliosis). My spine is surrounded by metal literally from the base of my neck to bottom of my lower back. Pretty intense. So we have to be careful.

I have not ridden Cruizer since, and don't plan to for probably another week. I've been out to see him a couple times and play with him. For christmas I got him a new fleece girth (sensitive skin=girth sores), a nice fat and squishy fleece lined saddle pad, andddd a JOLLY STALL SNACK COMBO.. which I've been wanting to get him for a really long time. However, he finished the entire LikIt part of it in less than 48 hours. So now I need to order more. He obviously did not only Lick It as instructed.

These videos were taken before the accident. The one of him in cross ties is just showing his bad manners as a Cookie Monster. Other than this though, he's an angel..on the ground. :)    If we were to sell him obviously I'd have to fix this behavior, but since he's mine I don't care if he wiggles around when there's treats to be had as long as he keeps all four on the floor and doesn't paw. I hate horses that paw. HATE. Second video is just him free lunging. Third is Cruizer & his pasturemates being adorable.


  1. Glad you're ok! Those injuries are scary.

    And wow, Cruizer is a pretty boy.

  2. Hope you are OK with those injuries. Get well soon....

    Cruizer is one beauty, that's for sure.

    I do love the horse games the best, though. "Hey, I'll steal your feed tub." "Oh yeah? How about I rip your blanket?" "And I'll bite your nose off." "A ball?!! Eek!! What's that? Run. They want us to play with real toys...what fun is that?" *lol*

  3. thanks to both of you, I think he's gorgeous but I'm biased, I love knowing other people think he's cute too.

    The geldings in Cruizer's pen are probably the most playful group on the farm. That's pretty much what they do on a daily basis, although usually Cruizer terrorizes them all and they get annoyed with him very quickly. One of his favorite things is to wack them with the feed tub and try to pull them around by their blankets. Unfortunately for all of them, he's so much bigger than them that they really don't have any choice but to allow him to push them around.

  4. Dude, the third video is so cute. I love those horses. Even if they can be asses sometimes. Lol.