11 February 2011

So, most of you know that I live in the midwest, Wisconsin specifically. For the past couples weeks we've been getting nothing but snow (like three feet of it..seriously), negative temperatures, ice, and wind. When the weather has been decent, I've been working or studying. I have Biology right now, and it has a REALLY intense homework/study load. I still go cuddle Cruizer when I can, but its not as often as I'd like. I haven't been on him since December, I think. My boyfriend came out with me one day to play with Cruizer and feed him cookies, and Cruizer approves. Alan was a little nervous about him though. Cruizer was loose in the arena and kept stepping closer and closer to Alan and eventually had him against the rail and was smelling his hair and inspecting his pockets for treats. I guess when you're not around horses ever a 17 hand looney tunes horse is kinda intimidating. This was immediately after we watched Cruizer gallop around like a nut for 15 minutes :)

I might ride Cruizer tonight. If nobody else is riding then I'll just lunge him and do some groundwork and love on him. Tomorrow morning my family departs for Mexico for 7 days. Today I have to finish my homework, take an exam, a quiz, pack clothes, and get Cruizer's insurance information to the barn owner. I hate to think that something's gonna happen while we're gone, but if it does, she won't be able to contact us..and I trust her to do what's best for Cruizer.

I think I'm going to allow ads on my blog for a few reasons
1. I'm a poor college student who is looking at approximately $300,000-$500,000 for vet school.
2. Cruizer is expensive, and I would really like to be able to put him on a hoof supplement, and pay for my shows this summer.
3. My family's 8 month old Goldendoodle puppy was just diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia. He needs surgery when he's done growing. We're hoping the breeder will at least help pay for it. The vet said that his hip dysplasia is so bad that it basically can only be from genetics. The breeder is giving my parents their money back, but the surgery is still really expensive. She asked if we want to give him back and get a different puppy. Well NO. We've had him 8 months..in that time he has firmly planted himself in our house and everyones' hearts. And besides, who would get another puppy from that breeder?

Question. Has anyone used Horseshoer's Secret, or Farrier's Formula (both feed-through supplements)? Or have another hoof supplement that they reccommend? Cruizer gets biotin and msm, but I would really like to get him on an all around hoof supplement. I am planning on keeping him barefoot through show season, unless things change and he needs shoes. He generally has soft hooves that crack and chip pretty easily.


  1. I've used Horseshoer's secret in the past and it's not too expensive for what you see in return. Most of the hoof supplements are mostly biotin so you already have that covered. I've also seen great results in feeding Black Oil Sunflower seeds (the bird seed, without the chemical coating). Right now Bogey is just on 1 cup to 1&1/2 cups sunflower seeds mixed in his feed once a day. The hooves are growing like crazy and look amazing. If you want to add something else I would go buy the sunflower seeds (only $12-$15 per 50lbs vs. $60-75 for the max barrel of Horseshoer's secret). If you don't see a change with the sunflower seeds in a couple of months then I'd go for a formulated feed through. Just my opinion. Love reading your blog by the way!

  2. You've really been hit with this bad winter weather.

    Haven't really used hoof supplements so I can't recommend any.

    I can understand about your puppy. Here's hoping the surgery will give him a long and happy pain free life with your family. You guys belong together!!