03 March 2011

Cruizer growing up?

Last night I lunged Cruizer for no more than 10 minutes, which is very unusual for him during the winter in the indoor. He was a bit punky but I decided that I really just wanted to ride, and he wasn't spooky, just wanted to run and play. I walked him around the arena once then went right into a posting trot. He was very stretchy and relaxed, so about four rounds of trot I asked him to canter. The first canter was pretty up & down/bucky but fun! I then cut across the diagonal, asked for a simple change, & he did it. It wasn't pretty, but we haven't worked them in months so it was acceptable. I cantered him a bit the second way, trotted about one 20m circle, then halted, jumped off, and my sister got on.

He rode around very quietly for her and listened well. She trotted him a little bit and then asked him to canter off. Last time she rode he would NOT canter for her. I had her kick him, smack him with the reins, etc and he would not budge. He trotted this time, so she stopped him, gave him a couple good kicks, and asked again. He cantered off fine then. She had him in a really nice canter. He was a bit harder to get cantering after the reverse, but it was the left lead which is always his lazier lead. She did eventually get him to, and he went around nice and relaxed. Overall he was only ridden for probably twenty to thirty minutes, about 10-15 with me and then 10 with my younger sister.

Even though he really wanted to buck and play a bit, he really is holding it together pretty well lately. I was especially impressed with last night because I have never really been able to trust him in the indoor enough to let my sister ride him. She is a very good rider, but is a lot shorter and smaller than me. Cruizer is 17 hands now with still the 3yr old green baby mindset, and weighs about 1300 poounds. He is extremely athletic and we've seen him display his rodeo bronc skills under saddle before. However, it seems like lately his decision making has gotten a lot better, he really has not done anything bad since the accident a couple months ago *knock on wood*. I hope this is a sign he is mentally maturing finally.

I'm also relieved he was so good/lazy for Kayla last night because she will be taking over riding him while I start my next semester of college out of state. We are planning for him to move to Ohio for the second semester, but for the first he will be staying home. I also really want Kayla to show him a little bit this year.

I love this horse.

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  1. Some horses just take longer to grow up mentally than others. Sounds as if Cruizer is developing a good attitude as he matures. Glad he was good for you sister. That will encourage her to do more with him while you are away at school.