28 March 2011

His royal highness will be riding in spurs tomorrow. Our past two rides he has been pretty much refusing to go forward, and I've given him ample warning to MOVE or suffer the consequences. He is still choosing to not move.. so on with the spurs!

Cruizer's canter is so funky and out of whack right now. Not sure if its just lazy, or if something is wrong. Our ride tomorrow should tell me more. I free lunged him before our ride with his equine bff, a Paint gelding named Rolie. They ran as if they were being chased by cheetas. Cruizer wasn't going quite as all out as he usually does, but the footing was very hard so I'm thinking if its not lazy, its that his feet are sensitive to the hard ground. After about 15 minutes they both started Hi-Ho Silver rearing, then turned to start double barreling each other. Kelsey & I both started yelling NO! and they both stopped and looked at us like "whattt we just playin!" But, that meant that they had to be separated. Of course as soon as we walk up to them they start galloping laps again. It took about five minutes of constant "whoaaaaa" from both of us to get them to stop. & here we thought our horses had such good "whoas" on them. ;)

I have a sleeping Goldendoodle puppy next to me that I need to kick out of my room so I can go to bed, but he won't budge. He's so darn cute though!


  1. Awww evil to disturb the sleep of adorable puppies. :)

    Could his reluctance to move forward have something to do with his hooves? Did you get my comment on your last post? If he has thrush that could be causing pain. Try the salt water and see if it helps him out. It can't hurt in the least and it's cheap. I hope things go better tomorrow.

  2. I'd agree with the above, especially since you mentioned that he held back when he was loose, too. Something isn't right.

  3. Sounds to me as if something is bothering him. If he wasn't quite his usual self in turnout, I suspect something's sore.

    Don't be too hard on him if he doesn't feel right. You need to listen to his body...