30 April 2011

I had a perfect ride on Cruizer today. We rode western in preparation for the clinic tomorrow. We did tons of cantering and some lead changes. Also, I asked him to counter canter for the first time. At first he was protesting because its hard work for a big guy with such a long stride but after he figured it out he was really good. I'm super happy with our ride today. I could not have asked for anything more. Also, he was completely sound.

I forgot to update yesterday, so here's Day 2-A Picture of Your Horse

 I will forever love this picture of Cruizer. I think it totally captures his personality, he is a complete weirdo!

This is Cruizer and his best friend Rolie, at Cruizer's first overnight horse show. These stalls were TINY. Cruizer could not turn around in it without hitting something. Luckily, he doesn't really care about these things and was not bothered at all by his small 'bedroom' for the weekend. 
And this picture I love too. This was taken while he was stretching his legs after his 9 hour trailer ride to get home with me.


  1. Such a pretty boy! I love that first picture too. :)

  2. Handsome fellow, that Cruizer. No wonder you fell in love with him so fast. *S*