11 February 2010


This post isn't really important. I'm hoping to ride tonight, in which case I will update later tonight with details. For now I would like to just give some background. I will do a post on Cruizer's history when I have time later. I've been wanting to do a history on the horses who got me here today for awhile now. Without each of them I am positive I never would have been able to ride Cruizer successfully.

TC - TC was an incredibly spooky and high energy Morgan. I really had no business riding him as he was green and so was I. He was the reason I started riding hunt seat. I showed him for two and a half years until I got my own horse. I learned a lot from him and will forever appreciate the opportunity I was given to ride and show him.

Beamer - Beamer was my first horse. I got him in 2005. Beamer was a 1996 16 hand sorrel overo Paint gelding. He gave me a lot of trouble and was a spoiled brat when I first got him. I learned more from him than from any other horse. He was incredibly well trained and opionated, which is why we ran into problems. He taught me what a trained pleasure horse was like though, and taught me the ropes of higher training. He passed away in 2008 due to colic. He had colic surgery once before that and survived, but the second time was much worse and the decision was made to put him to sleep. I miss him and he will forever be in my heart.

Brasi - Brasi was a grey Arabian mare who I started riding while Beamer was on stall rest after having surgery. She had a few random Arab moments but she was lovely to ride. I never thought I would have anything special with her, and that she was just something to ride until my horse was working again. But, she proved me wrong and I loved her right away. I can't put into words what my bond with her or Beamer were like. They were both truly once in a lifetime horses. Brasi passed away after a few months of me riding her. She fell one day while we were trotting a circle and was euthanised that night.

Jazz- Jazz is a bay National Show Horse mare who I rode for awhile before I had back surgery. The biggest thing I learned from her was how to sit a fast, rough trot (lol). She was quite fun to ride and a great experience for me. I had to stop riding her after surgery due to her rough gaits and unpredictability.

Waco - Waco is an unregistered bay Appendix Quarter Horse gelding. He is ridden/shown by one of my best friends. I rode him for the year I was horseless between Beamer and Cruizer. He hated me at first so the challenge with him was to figure out how to change my riding to suit him. We eventually did start to get along and he is still one of my favorite horses.

Cruizer - Cruizer is my current horse. He is a four year old 16.3+ liver chestnut gelding by Selection So Simple. He is young, green, inexperienced, as well as occasionally spooky, difficult, and opinionated. He is a princess of a horse. However, he is also the sweetest horse I've known and is incredibly friendly, making it impossible to be mad at him. He is the first green horse I've owned. I am working on exposing him to as many weird things as possible. He is currently having issues with wanting to buck and play too much, spooking, and being generally distracted. However, in the times when he is good, he is REALLY good. He is going to have an incredible temperament when he grows up. Now just waiting for his brain to catch up with his body....

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