11 February 2010

Quick Update

After work I did ride Cruizer tonight. I lunged him for longer than usual to get the spunk out of him. He was nervous when I first got on but we did make it around the whole arena tonight (he has been terrified of going down by C under saddle for awhile now for some reason). He spooked one time, jumped sideways and started to bolt, then thought better of it and just stopped and stood there. After a few seconds we continued on trotting like we had been and he was fine afterwards. He was actually extremely lazy tonight. I had to really push him to trot out. We did some cantering (right lead) and he was really good. After that I got really light headed. I trotted the other way but had to get off after a few minutes, as I got really dizzy and drinking water wasn't helping. I just walked him out in hand and put him away. Overall he was pretty good tonight. I rode him in Lacey's western bit. I really need to dig out a different hunt seat one for him.. something easier. He gets really aggravated in the correction.

Hopefully his new diet will take effect within the next week and he won't have so much excess energy.. we will see.

He also got his bridle path clipped last night, for about the fourth time this winter.

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