26 March 2010

I haven't updated in ages because I was in Lexington for 5 days, and haven't ridden in the past two or three days. Lexington was gorgeous. Met some really famous horses.. including Funny Cide ('03 Derby winner), Cigar (10 mill in earnings), Da Hoss (famous racehorse), Gypsy Supreme (mult world champ saddlebred), some other amazing Saddlebreds, and some other awesome racehorses. We went to Keeneland twice and watched them breeze the racehorses at 6 AM. That was amaaaazing. Gave me chills. All of the TB farms we saw gave an excellent reputation to the industry. Winstar Farm uses straw in their stalls because "the horses are happier that way" (BONUS POINTS FOR CARING HOW HAPPY THEIR HORSES ARE/AREN'T) and all of their horses are turned out (ANOTHER PLUS). My mom lunged Cruizer and groomed him while I was gone which was good. Cruizer was a gentleman. Since I got back I've only been on him a few times. His brain is completely fried for some reason unknown to me. He has been very nervous, wired, upset, and unfocused in his work. Not sure what that's about. I'm thinking it has to do with the crowd in the arena. Last time I rode him without lunging because there were already two people lunging and four more in line, so I decided to just hop on and see what we had. He didn't do anything dumb, but was nervous, mostly about the other horses. He didn't want to settle and drop his neck, and nervously chomped the bit the whole time. I got some relaxed trotting out of him and called it a day and rode another horse. The following day I lunged him in side reins, to see if he would relax and stop munching the bit, which he did and then would occasionally fight it and then give again. Yesterday it was sooooooo windy out, and the arena sounded spooky, so I just lunged him. Of course, he was super quiet and relaxed, trotting around with his nose on the ground sniffing, and pawing like he wanted to roll (he has never rolled in the indoor. he always smells around like he really wants to, but never does). He spooked one time when the barn rattled, he took off, I said whoa, he stopped and faced me like "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!?!?" then continued on his merry way and acted like it never happened. I love when he's like that. He was so quiet and lazy, I could barely get him to do a western pleasure lope on the lunge, let alone a canter. But, that's okay. I prefer it that way for now. Hopefully his brain will be back enough for me to ride him today..

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