03 April 2010

For Brittany.

Britt has been bugging me to update. Well, I rode Cruizer every day this week. Didn't lunge him at all. Free lunged him first a couple days. He's been awesome for the most part, but very picky about what goes in his mouth. (Annoying). So I've mostly been riding in the western bit because that is the only one he deems acceptable. He has been pretty stellar though. Today his brain was just not there. Not sure what that was about.. four year olds. But in between the TONS of walking and jogging, we did get some good trot and canter work, so that was good. All the other days he's been doing phenomenally improved canters, including simple changes, except for the one day he decided to buck (I'm thinking he might not like the Passier saddle anymore?) I need County to come out and fit him, so I can have my dream saddle :) Other than that, he's been soooo good. A little rockstar. I'm really excited to start showing him. I tried a different english bit today. Very similar to the western bit. Maybe its that stupid tiny little copper roller he's so crazy about? Who knows. He's a weirdo. Tomorrow I have a dressage lesson on Tulpe. I also had a really good ride on Gunner this week. Its finally starting to get nice out. I actually had to hose Cruizer off these past two days after riding cuz he was so hot and sweaty. LOVE IT. I shall update tomorrow after my lesson. Cruizer gets Sunday off, so I will be riding him tomorrow.

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  1. "...but very picky about what goes in his mouth."
    Cmon Chelsea. I would at least change that to something.