19 April 2010


Cruizer has continued his excellent behavior. It feels like he has come SO far in the past month or two. Its unbelievable. We've been working a lot on simple lead changes, turning on the forehand, pivoting, and speed control. He is making so much progress in such a short time. I'm so excited to show this horse. His showmanship is good, his riding is coming together, and his pattern elements are getting there. We just need to put it all together to make an awesome show horse out of him. The other day my friend Kelsey rode him, and loved him. She had a blast on him. Saturday we rode out down the driveway after our arena ride, and he did pretty well. He was nervous to be sure, but did not do anything bad... unless you count trying to walk up Rolie's butt bad lol. He chomped the bit and thought about leaving for a second, but then remembered his manners. I kept it short and sweet. Halfway down the driveway (the barn driveway is LONG) and then back to the barn. I'm going to start doing these short expeditions several times a week, so that he sees them as part of his job and nothing to be nervous about. I love trail riding, and I think he will too once he learns he's safe in the wilderness. He's been getting to graze after every ride as a reward. He's been sooooooooo good. This horse never ceases to amaze me. All things considering, we've come a LONG way. He's been under saddle for about two years, never in professional training, and I've had him for a year. We've definitely had some ugly rides, but most of them lately are pretty! I love him.

In other news, I have a dressage clinic this weekend with Vitor Silva. I'm very nervous but excited. The horse I'm riding is AMAZING. I just hope I can do her justice lol (good luck with that!). It should be fun, and I'm sure I will learn a lot.

I went to Saddler's Row yesterday and they had a few M. Toulouse Claudine saddles there. I'm in love. I sat in one (and afterwards saw the sign saying not to try them without assistance, whoops) and it was sooo comfy. I really want to take one on trial and see how it rides. The price was awesome. Do any of my blog readers know these saddles or M. Toulouse saddles in general? Tell me anything you know! I still love County, but the M. Toulouse is much cheaper, but still seemed pretty high quality. Cruizer has outgrown all of the hunt seat saddles at our barn... is he ever going to stop? He's going to be built like a tank at the rate he's going, but he also has a lot of height on him. He's going to be one powerful horse.


  1. YAY. that sounds great. isnt it great when your hard work pays off.

  2. Yes, I'm so glad his baby brain is finally growing up!