22 April 2010

I had a good ride on Cruizer on 4/20. I can't say he was amazing, but he was very good. He's still nailing his turns on the forehand, although he's not very happy about it. When I was done I decided to walk him around the driveway by myself. He stopped and wouldn't go any further after we passed the little barn, so I got off, hand-walked it with him a few times, then got back on and rode it a few times. He was much better then, and happy to march around. He just gets insecure when he's on his own with no one next to him, even with me on his back. If I'm walking next to him, he's perfectly fine and curious and ready to do anything. Hopefully he'll grow out of this and it's just a baby phase. I guess he just feels "alone" when I'm on his back and there's no one on the ground next to him. This really doesn't bother me for now. I'm happy to work with him, hold his hoof, and re-assure him that not everything outside of the arena is a Cruizer-Eating Monster. I'm planning on doing this as often as possible. I will start with just riding around the loops at the top of the driveway, and around the arena and barns. Then we will start branching out. I want him to feel like leaving the arena is no big deal and just part of his everyday life.

Yesterday I did not ride him (no time and no bridle). I will ride him today. The weather is so bipolar. Two days ago he came in with tiger stripe sweatmarks EVERYWHERE, even on his face. Yesterday I was freezing in a winter jacket and hoodie. WTH.

I have the dressage clinic tomorrow, and on Saturday. Cruizer will most likely get both days off. Sunday I'm going to pick up a saddle to trial (YAAAAAY) so I will be riding in it every day that I have it. I'm really excited but nervous about the dressage clinic. I hope I don't get laughed at too badly.


  1. I think its awesome that you are branching out and trying the dressage clinic! Props to you girl! Also, so so good for you to make leaving the arena a daily task for cruizer. Those all around horses tend to make the best show horses!

  2. ohh saddle trying is such fun :)

    I think the dressage clinic will be very useful for Cruizer. Nothing to make a baby think like some classical dressage moves

  3. I actually did not ride Cruizer for the dressage clinic. I rode a friend's Oldenburg mare. Cruizer is a true Quarter Horse Hunter mover and I will not risk any work that changes his frame or movement. I'm keeping my dressage riding completely separate from my Cruizer riding. However I did teach him to leg yield and shoulder in/out to loosen him up in the shoulder.