23 August 2010

2010 Fair

Day 1:
Showmanship - Won!
Western Pleasure- Second place.. judge said we would have won but he looked stiff behind at the jog and hes not broke enough at transitions, oh well. we just did it for fun. I couldn't move my legs in the chaps to cue him!
Egg and Spoon- no place, lost egg on the extended jog. Cruizer did saddlebred legs through the deep sand lol
Water Race- sixth place! woooo! lol

Day 2:
Showmanship- Won again!
Showmanship Championship- Reserve Champion!
Hunter Under Saddle- WON!
Championship HUS- no place. this was our class.. he refused to pick up his right lead. jerk!
Hunt Seat Eq- dead last out of three lol... this was his first eq class ever. he's been doing the patterns for a week. he did not have that bad of a pattern, and i honestly didn't expect to be last, but oh well. he didn't step off into the trot quick enough and went crooked, but did not spook at the judge sitting in the chair. (which he did at state last year)

Overall, I am more than pleased with Cruizer's performance, considering he just came back from a three week stall rest and hasn't been to many shows. He's super easy in the ring and easy to deal with during the show.

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