17 August 2010


I haven't posted in over a month. I just haven't had time :(   A lot has happened since then, including Cruizer being on stall rest for two weeks and not being ridden for three due to his excellent (horrible for me) timing on injuring himself. I went to one show, he was 6th in english halter out of 11 horses, 6th in showmansip out of 15ish horses, did nothing in the walk trot because he started flinging his head the second direction, only when the judge was watching, and then couldn't back up cuz some stupid kid on a speed horse parked her ugly mount close enough behind Cruizer for her horse to rest its head on Cruizer's butt. HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE. I ended up telling her that she needed to "back the hell up, because my horse kicks" and she started crying. Cruizer doesn't actually kick butttttt.... Anyway, then in the open ring he was bucking and what not, then settled down and I was just about to be done and walk out when I had an asthma attack type thing, so I didn't get to finish my show day. I was planning to take him to a show the following weekend and in the days approaching he decided to toss a shoe and bruise his heel. After the bruise healed up, he was lame in the other leg. We decided it was probably an abscess (we were right). The abscess blew out a few days later in two places. Odd. I took him to a show two days later, but we decided to go home before showmanship because it started raining, thundering, and lightening. So basically we haven't shown in awhile. We have our state qualifying show this weekend. He's been riding well all week, working on equitation and showmanship, and now we will be doing western pleasure (in a bosal) and horsemanship for the remainder of the days before the show. He was amazing today, his lope was awesome. He was a bit confused about steering in the bosal at first, but once he figured it out he was phenomenal. I'm only doing the western pleasure for fun. We also are planning on doing the egg & spoon and water race. I'm excited.

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