19 April 2011

No update on the western clinic yet. I haven't been able to ride lately either. However, I went out to the barn after work last night to kiss Cruizer. He got lots of grass and cookies. He also got his legs and feet washed, which he did not appreciate. He has super sensitive skin though, and I really would rather not deal with scratches. His paddock is mud soup right now.

While his feet were newly clean I also took pictures. He was trimmed about a week or two ago.

This was his left front before the trim, right after he chipped off a bunch of damaged hoof:

 front feet yesterday. My picture of his left front close up did not upload correctly on my computer. He is standing weird in this picture, I promise his feet are not as unbalanced as they look!

right front yesterday

hind hoof

and of course, one of him enjoying the spring grass that is FINALLY here.

and one of him being adorable before I brought him in:


  1. Always enjoy looking at pictures of the "family." Strange that there are no people in your clan. *LOL* Cruizer does look pretty all cleaned up.

  2. His hooves look great! I think you've found a keeper in your new farrier. :D