19 April 2011

I finally took the pictures off of my Blackberry and uploaded them to my computer, so I can't resist posting some of them now.
This one is our goldendoodle puppy (with me) the day we got him:

Dexter (goldendoodle) and Moose (newfoundland) probably also right when we brought Dexter home:

Our lab, Bear, during our last Christmas with him. In the last few years of his life he was better known as "Beary." Yes, I did draw eyebrows on him. He was so dang cute!

This picture is of Waco, one of my all time favorite horses. This was taken while I was spending some quiet time with him, saying goodbye just before he was put down. He had narcolepsy and an undiagnosed (but very present) seizure disorder. Waco was the horse that I spent all of my time with between Beamer dying and Cruizer becoming mine. I miss this horse so much. He was one of the most unique, coolest horses I've ever known.

 Cruizer this fall, during one of the many quiet days we spent together while he was transitioning to being barefoot.

 Dexter, last week, hiding from the vacuum cleaner.

 Cruizer at a show last year, hangin out. He cleans up nice!

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