06 May 2011

Day 8 - All the tack and riding clothes you have (brand/color/other details)

I'm only going to do the main things, because I have a lot of stuff.

Saddle- 17.5 inch Medium tree 2010 County Stabilizer. This saddle was custom made for Cruizer and I, so "extras" include: Forward Flap, extra 1/2 inch deeper gullet, no knee block but knee pads, skid row panels, and custom flocking to accommodate for Cruizer's slightly more developed right side. The saddle is the deep chocolate brown color.

Bridle- Crosby hunt bridle with "raised" leather on browband and cavesson. Havana with white stitching. Also attached havanna with white stitching extra long 72" english laced reins. Cruizer's neck is way too long and I cannot ride in the 54 or 60 inch reins on him, my hands have to go halfway up his neck for those to work :)

Jacket- My hunt coat is a dark grey/brown pinstripe by RJ classics. Prestige collection. I also have a charcoal/burgundy pin striped jacket by Ovation that is now my "backup" coat for when it rains. I have multiple hunt shirts.. including grey with pink ribbon and rhinestone collar, mint green pinstripe, light blue, white, bright blue, and yellow with rhinestoned collar.

Breeches- breeches include Ariat, Devon-Aire, On Course, Kerrits, Riding Sport

Boots- Ariat Heritage Field Boots, zipper on back for shows. Ariat heritage paddock boots with Dublin half chaps for at home.

Girth- I am currently borrowing an english girth made by Weaver that is printed 52 inches but measures closer to 56. I also have an Ovation Dri Lex fleece lined girth that is too small for Cruizer (at a 54!) and another weaver leather padded girth that is also too small (52).

Saddle pads- I have a burgundy saddle pad with fleece padding along the back. I don't remember what brand it is, but I got a heck of a deal on it. I also have a Lami Cell memory foam padded lavendar saddle pad.

Helmets- suede hunt cap by Troxel (it does have a harness though and is ASTM certified..A MUST!), and I school in a "lavender mist" IRH equilite helmet. Most comfortable helmet EVER & it actually keeps you cool. I have a habit of fainting quite often in the summer especially while riding and this helmet helps keep me cool.

I also have a one of a kind showmanship shirt (western) that is purple based with black grey and white and TONS of rhinestones. I love it. It was made by Show Fancy.

I do miss my old saddle, but it was far too narrow for Cruizer, and I love my County SO much more. I used have an OLD Crosby prix des nations, 16.5 Narrow tree. No knee pads or blocks. It was a pain to ride in because I had to actually work for my leg position, but the saddle was gorgeous even though it was clearly very old. It was in excellent condition and the seat was AMAZING.

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