06 May 2011

Day Seven: Your best ribbon

My ribbons that I'm most proud of would have to be:

4th Place out of 119 on Beamer in Hunter Under Saddle at state
3rd Place hunt showmanship with Cruizer at state (I taught him this class) out of around 70 people
Reserve Champion hunt showmanship with Cruizer at fair
Cruizer's won his first riding class ever, and even though it was only walk/trot, it was a big class and I was SO proud of him for how well he behaved and how much trust he had in me.

I am also proud of my Reserve Championship in senior team judging at state, as well as my Reserve Championship in senior individual judging..more than 200 people compete in this every year.
For our state judging we judge 3 halter classes and 3 performance classes.


  1. Cool! Did you keep all of your ribbons?

  2. Oh yes. I have kept every ribbon I've ever won, with the exception of a handful of ribbons and trophies that I gave to the owner of the first horse I showed when she moved away.