04 May 2011

Day Six: Your most accomplished horse

Quick Update: Cruizer got Monday off, but we rode yesterday. The indoor was being dragged and its attached to the barn I tack up in so I decided to free lunge Cruizer in the outdoor. I really didn't think he would be that hyper. He ran, and ran, and ran, and ran, and ran. He must have done at least 40 flying changes, complete with bucking and snorting at each one. He got all of the horses in neighboring pastures going, so most of the pastures had crazy horses galloping around. He enjoyed that. After awhile all he did was walk around, roll, and eat grass, so I decided to catch him and start getting him ready. As soon as I went to lead him back to the gate he tried to bolt away at the wind rustling the grass. So I let him go again. And he ran, and ran, and ran, and ran, and ran. After all that, we did have a really nice ride. He was super lazy, and I didn't want to fight with him so I decided we'd just let it be a lazy day. We didn't do anything beyond the basics, walk trot canter both directions, then called it a day. It was only about a thirty minute ride but he was SO good. He also tried his new supplements...and he doesn't like the Smart Dark & Handsome one. It smells very strongly of paprika, so I wasn't surprised. He ate the hoof one without complaint though, and that's the one I really wanted him on anyway. He still has two more days left, so I'll see if he changes his mind about the coat supplement or not.

Day Six: Your most accomplished horse
I would have to say my most accomplished show horse is Cruizer. I've only shown three different horses though. TC...we never won anything, I was happy to place at all with him. Actually, I was happy if he did a whole class without spooking eight times. Beamer I had issues with, but we did win quite a few classes in the time I had with him. He also was 4th out of 119 at state in hunter under saddle, which was probably my proudest moment with him. 

Cruizer has not been to very many shows...maybe..MAYBE 15 at the most. He has won me the most ribbons and trophies though by far. He was 3rd in showmanship at state the first year I had him, which was huge to me because I taught him that class. The first time I tried to trot him in hand he reared and ran backwards.. so he came really far. We have won more classes than I can even count, and he has rarely come out of a class without a ribbon. We were also Reserve Champions in hunt showmanship at Fair last year. I think this year he's really going to perform better than he ever has.

The other thing about Cruizer is that he moved from Arizona (his breeder's farm) to Ohio (where I got him) as a yearling, and then never left the property again until I took him home. He had never been to a horse show, never been ridden with another horse in the arena, and was never ridden in anything but a little indoor. I bought him in April, and by the beginning of June I hauled him to his first show to ride around. I basically started with him from scratch. The first time he ever rode with other horses was the first time I rode him after bringing him home. Obviously, these huge changes and him basically being thrown into the show horse life and coming out of isolation at age three really overstimulated his poor brain. He handled everything very well though, and was always curious about what was going on. 

Non-show speaking, my most accomplished horse is still Cruizer. When he came to me he knew how to walk/trot/canter on the rail, but did not do circles or even come off the rail. He did not know his canter leads off the rail either. He had ground manners but did not know showmanship. He didn't trail ride, or go over ground poles, or do anything beyond the very basics. In the two years I've had him, he has learned SO much about life and has been taught so many things he didn't know before.  90% of what he knows came from me. I'm so proud of him and his attitude. He is so willing and learns SO fast, so he's really been very easy to teach new things to.

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  1. Aww I love this post. I hope someday I can say those things about Chrome since I'll be the one backing him and teaching him everything. :)

    You should have take a camera to the outdoor with you. :D I would have loved to see his antics.