06 May 2011

Not much to report on the Cruizer front. Our last two rides have been perfect. Seriously, there's nothing I can even pick on him for. He's just come out the past couple days ready to work. My little sister rode him yesterday after I was done, w/t/c both directions. He was good for her. She hasn't ridden him all that much but he's a good boy for her.

In all honesty, Cruizer is pretty much finished on the rail. There are some things that need improvement, but nothing major enough that I need to school him on rail work every day. I'm going to start focusing more on adding pattern events and really getting those solid, as well as flying changes and ground pole work. I also want to hack him around the property once a week or so just at a walk, just to give his brain something else to think about while his body relaxes.

He is eating both of the trial supplements, and continues to think the hoof pellets are a tasty treat. I am going to order both, but the Smart Dark & Handsome I will only feed during the show season. He also got a new LikIt refill for his Jolly Stall Snack Combo. I have video of Cruizer and his neighbor, Flirt, sharing it that I need to upload. Cruizer did get overzealous and pull the entire thing down off the wall. He cleaned up the turquoise mess (Mint flavored LikIt) off the floor while I hung the ball and everything back up. He loves it.

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  1. Aww I want to see the video! That sounds adorable! Yay for happy, willing Cruizer. I'm glad you seemed to have worked through whatever issue he was having. How are his feet doing?