24 April 2011

Happy Easter everyone :)

I have exciting Cruizer news.

1) he was last measured in October 2010 and stood a hair under 16.3 hands. Today I had a friend hold him so I could measure him again, because he seems SO much bigger than last year. He now stands a solid 17 hands. He's a hair under (literally..a hair) at the wither. He grew a whole inch since October. Didn't anyone tell this horse that generally quarter horses are done growing by the end of their four year old year? He just turned six!

2) We will be taking him on a practice run this month to make sure I can take him camping! He has never been trail ridden off the property so it could be interesting. I want to go SO bad though. I've never had a horse reliable enough to take on a multiple day overnight camping trip. I think Cruizer will be fine. He loves riding out and about and seeing new sights. I've been dying to haul him somewhere to trail ride, and since this is my last summer home for awhile where I can do these things, now is the time to go.

Today I rode him for about 15-20 minutes. I haven't been on him in quite awhile except for tuesday when I hopped on bareback with just his halter on and walked around for five minutes. We also lunged and did showmanship that day. His showmanship was VERY good. Stellar even. I'm getting so excited for show season.

Today we mostly just worked on moving his shoulders around to prep for pivoting under saddle. We didn't do any canter work today. We ended with him doing a 180 degree pivot under saddle, so that was good enough for me.

It is now 4:15 AM and I need to go to bed. I will update again later.


  1. Good grief! What are you doing awake at 4am??

    That's exciting new about Cruizer! Too cool that he grew so much at his age. :) Good luck with teaching him to go camping. I've always wanted to try that too.

  2. He's a big boy, like my Tucker. I almost need a stepladder for mounting...the three step block is "Just about" tall enough. *lol*

    That camping trip would be a blast. Hope it works out for you and Cruizer.

  3. Now thats a big boy. Granite turned 4 this month and is 16.2, everyone tells me he will keep growing... who knows!